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Nice to Meet Us


Nice to Meet Us


Matthew Strong

creative director I principal

Matthew’s reputation, hard work, and innovative solutions are the backbone of Strong Studio, which he founded in 2006.  

His professional career began in 1999 at SME Branding where he helped develop and extend brands for the NFL, NBA and MLB. Matthew then served as Senior Creative Director for Madison Square Garden, overseeing and creating season identities for the New York Knicks and New York Rangers, as well as Radio City Music Hall. In 2004, Matthew began moonlighting as a professor at Pratt Institute, his alma mater, in courses focused on branding, design thesis, and package design. He brings that breadth of creativity and experience to the studio every day by taking the lead throughout the creative process.

Outside of the being the Studio's fearless leader, Matthew collects vinyl records and cycling medals. Matthew is a proud Empire State Rider – a group of cyclists that ride from NYC to Niagara Falls in one week, to raise funds for cancer research.    


Kate Padula

design director I beast

Kate is Strong Studio’s resident perfectionist and an overall design machine. A Pratt alumni — and one of Matthew’s former students —  she has been with Strong Studio since 2013, churning out dozens of visual identities and even more print and packaging campaigns.

Kate works hands-on with both the clients and the design staff to ensure deadlines are met, objectives are surpassed, workflow is efficient, and the work product is a masterpiece. No one is quite sure when she sleeps.

When she can be convinced to leave her laptop at the studio, Kate treks through the wilderness with her four-legged hiking corgi, Bento.


Jamie Allaire

studio director I workhorse

Jamie’s multitasking skills are a force of nature. After graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2009, she taught the arts in public education for eight years. In 2018, she switched her desk apple for the big one and became a permanent addition to the Strong Studio family. Jamie helps guide projects through from concept to implementation, supervises project timelines, trains new designers, and helps bring the team’s artistic vision to life with her top-notch fine art skills.

When she is not keeping this well-oiled machine running, Jamie may be out collecting stamps in her passport and sending Snaps of her culinary encounters from around the world. 


Kelly Brandon

lead designer I puppy enthusiast

Kelly is a midwestern transplant with design and animation skills that top the charts. She found her way to Strong Studio two years ago and has been picking up what you’re putting down ever since. Kelly is a multi-faceted designer with a passion for learning new things, inside of the office and out of it. She occasionally takes a break from the screen long enough to spar, eat pizza or play guitar — but it’s not a guarantee.


Matt Poleo

designer I galactic resident

Matt Poleo, not to be confused with Matthew Strong, is a designer from Michigan who joined us in 2018. He earned his BFA in Graphic Design at Western Michigan University. Matt prides himself in crafting original solutions to print, digital, environmental, and experiential design. He enjoys teaching himself new programs and techniques so that he can be versatile in ways to solve problems. Outside of the office, you can find him taking photos, exploring the city, and tasting the latest craft brew.


Lauren Ewanyk

designer I carousel connoisseur

An Oregon original, Lauren recently graduated from Pratt Institute with a BFA in Graphic Design. She loves the mix between both digital and physical design. Lauren’s favorite place is the beach. When she is not exploring the city or riding the subway, you can always find her riding the waves.


Megan Adams

designer I human

Fresh out of the mitten state, Megan enjoys searching for the best New York slice. When she's not exploring the city you can find her watching Grey's Anatomy with her cat Ainsley. She loves typography and making handmade books.


Design Bot


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modern siamese

Endearing yet ultimately a little creepy, Ramen has abnormally large ears and a vocal range that rivals a teething baby. She likes string. I mean, she REALLY likes string.




Bento is a very good boy. He likes to chase balls, sticks, pigeons, and parked cars and is the best dressed pup this side of the Atlantic.